Wedding Season in full swing…


We watched from afar as the bride and groom, walking with a smile in their step, stole a few private moments on this most intimate of occasions. 

Laughing and sauntering hand-in-hand, they made their way through the trees (which almost seemed to form a natural arc to welcome them). They stood silhouetted against the dusk sky and faced each other: their foreheads met and we imagined them whispering private words, making private promises and sharing private dreams. 

Feeling guilty for almost intruding on this moment we turned away and imagined the photographer hovering, almost invisibly, capturing the moment. We gazed back towards the marquee to ensure that the party was happy and I beat a quiet retreat. 

Sipping our mint tea away from the marquee and the guests we reflected about what a wonderful day this was proving to be. Just over half way through our season, we had already seen our (welcome) quota of happy brides and grooms, sharing their special day with friends and family. We had seen unobtrusive photographers capture images of laughing children running gleefully through the maze as well as adults, deep in conversation, beside the summer blooms. We had seen handsome waist-coated men standing in front of the firepit, enjoying Hertfordshire’s beautiful rolling countryside, as they put the world to right.  

It was turning out to be another wonderful summer of weddings.  

At moments like this its hard to think that we are a ‘business’. Most of the time we feel like stage managers making sure that our stage (our marquee) is set; the props (from our caterers to the evening perimeter flares) are primed and the ‘actors’ are comfortable with their ‘set’. Finally, when the curtain goes up and the guests arrive our job is to ensure a flawless production – from the entrance of the bride to the final dance of the evening. 

The support cast – from our wonderful caterers CDC Weddings, the uniformed waiters and waitresses, to Phil and Sue (responsible for the safety and security of all the guests) – have perhaps the most important role to play, for this is no ordinary West End production. This is a production all the attendees will remember for years to come.  

They will remember the speeches, the declarations of love and commitment, the embarrassing revelations and the part they played on this most special of days. 

We know that no two ‘productions’ are the same. We know that each bride and groom bring their unique combination of memories, culture and dreams. And we know that our role is to help them turn their own individual dreams and ambitions into one memorable occasion. 

What a wonderful job we have.