The Goldilocks Standard of Venues


It’s almost two years since Alexander and I held our wedding reception at Burloes Hall. We, along with our guests had an awesome time and writing this for Nicole, Katharine and the team has given me a great excuse to dig out our wedding photos on particularly glum August day. Even now there are shots I’d forgotten about, moments that slip your mind even though you think you will remember them forever. Burloes truly is a special place, there is just something that when you arrive, you know Goldilocks would approve.

It’s just… right

I would like to say there was logic when choosing our wedding venue, perhaps for some there is. Cost, location are two of the boring things, but really, choosing your wedding venue is a bit like choosing your wedding dress, your university, or your cricket bat. When you try it or when you get there, you know it’s just right. Burloes had that for us, stepping out of my car that very first time and ambling around the grounds, I knew that’s where it had to be, it was just right. Alexander was further convinced when he realised he could play cricket on his wedding day…

It’s not for Pinterest

I can’t reiterate enough how incredible the Burloes team were. I organise a lot of events and am generally creative every day, but there is only so much inspiration you can get from Pinterest before you realise you’ve created a “Pinterest wedding”. Nicole, Katharine and their cheeky dogs were excellent in every step.

Impromptu cups of tea when the floor of the marquee is covered in ivy? Tick. An escapee terrier providing entertainment? Tick. Cricket bat, stumps and ball provided? Tick. Buckets of water at vital moments? Tick. You won’t find these on Pinterest, Instagram or wedding blogs telling you how to organise your wedding, or what’s #trending in 2019. These are the important things that (and so many others) set Burloes apart. Who knew such beautiful surroundings were tucked away in Hertfordshire? The fact that no one really knows it’s there made it even more special.

I don’t like cricket… I love it

I’m truly not joking about playing cricket on his wedding day. Here is Alexander swinging a bat around, the chap in the background, Mark Lafferty, is responsible for bowling a ball at Alexander’s forehead that day. Comments along the lines of “what shot was that?!” followed – moments like that are priceless. Not every venue would indulge you to the extent of cricket being facilitated on your wedding day, but that sums up the Burloes team – committed to the detail – absolutely everything, all covered, before you even realised you needed it. For Goldilocks, and Mr & Mrs Green, it was just right.


In fact, I have such affection for Burloes and the memories it holds, that one day when I get my wedding present of a puppy from Alexander, it’s going to be called “Burloe”. I hope I’ll be able to bring the puppy for a walk around its namesake just to get those feelings of comfort, ease and love all over again.

Thank you so much Elizabeth Green who held her wedding reception at Burloes in 2017 for this fabulous blog.